American Treats

This past week I have had to help run a cookie business at my school. We had to find the way to raise enough money to be able to purchase all of the ingredients to make these cookies. My company made an array of cookies varying from cookie dough balls to what we called bay bars. Every one of these cookies made me want to eat batch after batch, which I really couldn’t do.

The first cookie that I fell in love with is the bay bar. This crazy thing has devils food cake, chocolate chips, and Oreos. If you don’t like chocolate then this isn’t the recipe for you, but don’t fret there will be. This is actually a really simple recipe to make. You have to mix a stick of butter and an egg with a box of devils food cake mix. It turns into almost like a dough that is very thick and you should be able to hold it without it getting stuck to your hands. This is probably my favorite part since I enjoy using my hands for things. After I successfully made a ball that could be used as a football, I put it into a 9×13 cake pan and pressed it down so it was like a sheet. I then sprinkled crumbled Oreos all over it and poured sweet condensed milk over that and then topped it with a cup and a half of chocolate chips. Watching the milk pour out of the can was strangely satisfying.

Once I had all of the ingredients in the pan I popped that sucker into an oven that had been pre-heated to 350 degrees for about 25. The one thing about these that is hard is that the sweet condensed milk makes it hard to tell if it is done. The top will still seem to be kind of liquidy when you take it out, but I promise that it will get harder as it cools.

My second type of cookie that my group made is what is called a lemon cake ball. They are pretty much exactly what they sound like, cake in ball form. We didn’t do any of that sneaky machines that they have come out with recently, I wouldn’t recommend those. What we did allowed us to get our stress out at the same time.  We baked the cake in a sheet pan so that it could cool faster and cook faster. Once the cake was cooled we got to crumble up the cake. It was almost like we were making sand with our hands, it was so soothing. We took that crumbled cake and mixed it with lemon frosting and formed medium sized balls. This process can get pretty messy, but it is well worth it in the end. We then put them in the freezer for an hour to make it easier to dip them in the candy melt.

In the past when I needed to melt candy melts I would put it in the microwave and I would almost always overcook it. We decided to put the melts into an oven safe pan and put it in the off, but warm oven and allow heat to do its job. This worked really well to get all of the melts to melt at the same rate. We then quickly dipped all of the balls and put them on parchment paper. That’s it they are done.

Overall, I would recommend these cookies to anyone. The recipes are really easy to make and I would give them both 10/10.20170407_175622


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